My time has been scarce and one of the reasons is due to my participation on the DeepEarth dev team. There are a handful of us that have been working hard to push out the first stable version of DeepEarth. A few of the developers have been working very hard and the work has paid off!

DeepEarth is a Silverlight mapping framework that takes full advantage of the MultiImageScale control (same control that is responsible for all the cool DeepZoom samples). DeepEarth has plenty to offer in its first release and the one thing I am super excited about is the different tile layers that are offered:

  • Virtual Earth (dev account needed)
  • Open Street Map
  • Blue Marble
  • Cloud Made
  • WMS
  • Yahoo Maps
  • Google Moon Variations

And more are on their way! Plus, you can implement your own tile layer very easily by following along the examples that are included. There is even an example for map tiles that are stored on your local machine, so no need to have an internet connection!

There is already talk of porting this to WPF, all that is missing is the MultiScaleImage control. Anyone want to take a crack at porting that control to WPF? I've heard that the control will be in .Net 4.0, but that is still some time away.

Go check out a demo here: http://deepearth.soulsolutions.com.au

And please report back any feedback to the DeepEarth project site. And feel free to contribute!


Comment by Nasir Aziz

Thank you for your great work. I am wondering can I get a source for Yahoo tiles DeepEarth? Please let me know... Thanks

Nasir Aziz
Comment by matt

Are you looking for the actual tiles? If so, you have to go through yahoo to officially obtain any tiles.

DeepEarth currently supports tiles from yahoo, look at the latest version (currently 1.1)

Let me know if you have any further questions.